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We all have items that we collect. Some people collect vinyl records, some people collect little tchotchkes, and some people (like Fundiz.Shop designer Oliver Makonjio) collect vintage upholstery. It’s these unique hobbies and collections that help define who we are. That’s why personal collections are an important part of home decor. But not everyone has enough space in their home to create a dedicated collection. China hutches, display cases, and bookshelves all take up valuable real estate in a room. Kyle Schuneman faced this very same issue in his own home. His solution? Forget the display cases and use your walls. Here are two great ideas for using your walls to display your favourite personal collections.


Frame Your Favorites For Your Wall!

Kyle has a very unique personal collection. Whenever he travels he picks a single leaf to help him remember the trip. He then presses the leaves, labels them, and frames them. After that, he’s able to easily hang his collection on his walls in a uniform and stylish fashion. But you don’t have to collect leaves to use this same method. Anything that’s relatively flat can be displayed in a similar way. Stamps, postcards, vinyl records, coins, newspaper clippings, baseball cards, etc, are all perfect for this type of display! You’ll finally be able to show off your collection without having to buy an entire piece of furniture that takes up precious space in your room.

Use Wall Shelves

Fundiz offers a new way to display your favourite items right on your walls. Our Loima Collection features wall boxes, wall racks, and other great pieces that are perfect for displaying collections. And the best part is that they don’t take up any floor space. All you need is some free space on your wall. These wall boxes and display cases are ideal for any collections that are more three-dimensional. For instance, plants, sculptures, pottery, books, snow globes, shot glasses, etc. Kyle has an abundant collection of succulents in addition to his leaf collection. The Sawyer Wall Boxes are an incredible way for him to show off his collection without having to resort to planting stands or other bulky display cases. If you collect plants like Kyle then try using different pots to create a more “collected” look. Use your wall boxes appropriately and you won’t even need any art in your space!

We Want To See Your Collections!

What’s the point of collecting something if you don’t show it off? You should be proud of your collections. That’s why we want to see them! Whether you’ve decided to hang your collections on the wall or have a different display method, we would love to see what you have to offer. Take photos, post them on Instagram, and tag us @Fundiz Shop.

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